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Centennial Year Musical Mentors

Carolyn Abramson
Margaret Ankeny
James Bartsch
Margaret Bracken
Michael and Carol Bromer
Marjorie Cahlender
Else Carpenter
Herbert and Alice Cederberg
Myra Chazin
Burt Cohen
David Colwell
Thomas and Phyllis Colwell
Julia Dayton
Cy and Paula DeCosse
Barbara Delaittre
David and Rita Docter
Stephen Downey
Holly Duevel
Peter and Katherine Dunn
John and Carole Erickson
Arnold and Joan Feinberg
Marjorie Frishberg
Delores Flynn
Phillip and Bonnie Gainsley
Peter and Julie Gainsley
Erv and Arlis Grossman
Sharon Hayenga
Harold and Katrina Heinz
Barbara Held
Warren and Marian Hoffman
Karen Holmes
Nicolas and Inge Karolides
Michael and Martha Koch
Karen Koepp
David and Pat Krueger
Young Hee and Sun Hie Lee
Ernest and Sally Lehmann
Rhoda Mains
Donn and Bonnie McLellan
Evelyn Miller and
Match from General Mills
MN Orchestra Musicians’ Committee
William and Karen Montgomery
James and Mary Morarity
Rodney Nelson
Elizabeth Nordling
Sarah Novotney
Elinor Ogden
James and Ila June Brown Pratt
David and Judy Ranheim
Barbara Ratner
Delores Sigel
Sigma Alpha Iota
Mpls. - St. Paul Chapter Alumna
Raymond and Mary Scallen
Linda Smith
Michelle Solomon
Michael and Sandy Swirnoff
Joe and Cynthia Tambornino
Marcia Thoen
Mary Thun
Rolf Erdahl and Carrie Vecchione
Richard and Frances Walsh
Barbara Winthrop

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