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YPSCA had a whole new website
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Questions about YPSCA?

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What do YPSCA members do?

Ushering: Greet and help seat students at Young People's Concerts

School Outreach Project: Work with selected schools to provide YPSCA support (tickets, bus fare, and preparation) to attend a Young People's Concert.

Annual School Music Auditions: Assist with preliminary and/or final competition as students compete for prizes and opportunities to play with the Minnesota Orchestra at a Young People's Concert.

Membership: Welcome new members with information about YPSCA.

Publicity: Publicize YPSCA activites through Showcase and other publications/opportunities.

Hospitality: Assist with arrangements for Fall Membership Meeting, Spring Annual Meeting, Competition Receptions, etc.



Become a YPSCA Member!

Simply download this membership form and mail it to the address listed.


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